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 Sales, Repair, Service and Design of Industrial Electronics Spares / Components / Modules

Industrial Electronics Spares / Parts / Components

Electronics Spares.

Arcnet, 386/486 Industrial PC, Panel PC, Single board Computers, Backplane. 

AT / ATX Power Supplies, 1U Power Supply, AC-DC/ DC-DC Power Supply. 

USB Floppy Disk, 8MB to 40GB Hard Disk, DOM, CF, IDE, DOC. 

Touch Screen, Touch Panel, LCD Displays, Character Display.  

PLC, Input Card, Output Card, Proface GP270 HMI. 

CNC Display/ LCD, CPU Card, IO Card, Drive Card, Sensors, Encoders.


About us

  • HS Electronics (HSE) has been providing the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, component level electronics repair services in Industrial Automation field since 2005 and is promoted by well experienced qualified engineers. Our team of experienced Engineers/ Technicians has over 100 years of combined experience. We have a strong technical competence in analysis, troubleshooting and chip level repairs and provides automation system repair, control system repairs with quality assurance in all our services. HSE is proud to be a one-stop repair solutions company. Our expertise encompasses repair capabilities for a wide range of electronics devices and products. We also cover a broad spectrum of industries. Our dedicated staff ensures that our customers receive only the highest levels of quality service in analyzing; testing and resolving electronic repair issues. We are a outsourcing service and repair partners for many OEMs that require electronic support solutions for legacy, out-of-warranty products. 
  • For more details kindly visit www.hira.co.in

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