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 >> Boards & Mezzanines <<

Kontron board and mezzanine products give designers a commercial off-the-shelf solution that also offers the flexibility of full or semi-customization. Search below to find your board-level product.
3U CompactPCI | 3U CompactPCI Serial | 3U VME | 3U VPX | 6U CompactPCI | 6U VME | 6U VPX | AdvancedMC | AdvancedTCA | Embedded Motherboards | Embedded SBC | PC/104 SBC and Peripherals | PMC/XMC/FMC | Server Board | Slot CPU / Backplane | Storage
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>> Computer-on-Modules <<
Computer on Modules (COMs) are highly integrated component SBCs that support system expansion and application-specific customization. The CPU module delivers the core functionality while all of the application-specific features are designed into the baseboard creating a semi-custom embedded pc solution.
COM Express® | SMARC™ | ETX® | Custom Carrier Boards & More | Development Tools & Services
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>> HMIs & Displays <<
The product line of HMIs (Panel PCs, Micro Clients, Touch Panels) offers a wide range of processor capacities and display dimensions from 5.7" up to 22". Kontron’s industrial Panel PCs are ready-to-run systems assuring the compatibility of hardware and software.
The 100 % industry-capable intelligent displays and monitors meet the toughest industrial requirements concerning shock, vibration and temperature resistance. No matter what your requirements are, Kontron provides you with semi- and full-customized Panel PCs and long life support for your control and visualization applications taking into account the latest requirements in your market. 
Panel PC / Micro Client | Monitors
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>> Systems & Platforms <<
Kontron offers designers a broad variety of industrial rack mount computers and enclosures, industrial chassis, industrial panel PCs, industrial LCD monitors and industrial flat panels, plus a selection of commercial-off-the-shelf open standard AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA and VME pre-integrated platforms.
AdvancedTCA Integrated Platforms | Avionics Systems | Communication Rackmount Servers | CompactPCI Systems & Platforms | Embedded Box PCs | Embedded IPC - ThinkIO | Industrial PC - Rackmount | M2M | MicroTCA Integrated Platforms | Network Platforms | Rugged Enclosures | Rugged Systems | VME Systems & Platforms | VPX Systems and Platforms | Middleware | Notebooks and Laptops | Kiosks | Vehicle Systems and Platforms | Digital Signage OPS-compliant Platforms | Cloud Computing Platform Solutions - App
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